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黒執事 | Black Butler ~ Scans and Downloads ~

The night has fallen and the Butler has arrived.

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A community all about Kuroshitsuji, included: Anime & Manga

Welcome to the Kuroshitsuji aka Black Butler Scans & Downloads community!

Please join our community and help us!

We have simply a few rules:

• Don't double-post, just simply ask the one who already posted to add your link.
• Use ''cut'' when your post is full of text »_«
• Please tag your post.
• Be kind to each other.
• When adding a download link, please make sure it have to be from the 2 host: Megaupload or Mediafire. Why? Because the download speed is faster than other hosts I know » Other hosts are NOT acceptable, only if you ask our permission from the moderators.

Your moderators are:
• Sebastian-san
• Linh-san
• ragamuffinz

Want to become a moderator too?
Send a pm to Sebastian-san or Linh-san

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